3 bottles of Montestigliano Extra Virgin Olive Oil Harvest 2022


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Montestigliano grows three different varietals, each of which has been chosen for its various qualities; compatibility with pollination, the terrain and climate. All their unique qualities are brought together making a rich, luscious and well rounded oil.


Pendolino, probably the most common found in these parts, it generally guarantees good productivity and a medium olive oil yield. Its small to medium sized fruits are light green with traces of violet. Sterile, it is useful in pollinating other varieties and gives the main ‘substance’ to the oil.

Leccino, this olive reaches its optimum quality later than the others and is best dark (all olives are green and eventually turn black with maturity). It is resistant to the cold; it is sterile and pollinated with Pendolino and Frantoio varieties

Frantoio/Correggiolo, this tree is vigorous with sturdy foliage, high productivity and yield of fine quality olive oil. This olive is what give the oil its sharp grassy flavour.

Moraiolo This tree produces small round olives and is sensitive to cold weather, it is sterile and pollinated by the Pendolino variety.

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